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    Editorials & Ads

    We offer full creative and production services for editorials and ads. Projects include campaigns, editorials, moving image or social media content. Our projects vary from full service shoots from start to finish to smaller roles in existing teams.

    Services: Creative direction and art direction, concept development, photography, retouch, moving image and post production, production, studio, art buying and casting.

    • 02-568-5505
    • Opening hours. 24hrs / 전화문의 AM9 - PM8
    • 우리은행 1005-703-336735
    • 예금주 : 어바웃스튜디오
    • Company 어바웃 스튜디오
      Owner & Admin 은일윤
      Business no. 157-34-00316
      Address 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로18길 40
      Tel 02-568-5505
      E.mail about-studio@naver.com
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